Just a test blog post here

This is an example blog post.  I envision any of the teachers or others posting random thought pieces here from time to time.  Maybe further thoughts on a recent study, for example.


Hi Everybody,

I just found your new website (Ken told me about it). This is a great resource.

Want to say "thank you" to so many of you who support us prayerfully and financially. As you may know we transitioned to serving with a new mission agency in September. I now serve with World Team as a missionary trainer and project developer. (see www.worldteam.org).

My transition has gone very well - I fit with World Team well. Right now I am 1) coaching two emerging leaders in World Team, 2) developing an online missionary training program and 3) building up my financial support base.

That's right, we still have financial needs. Most of our support carried over from our former agency. But some have not made the transition yet. So, we have some significant needs right now (more details are explained at mackeyministry.blogspot.com).

Bob and Laura Mackey (along with Elizabeth and Nathan)