Genesis 1:1-2 - And the Earth


We study the structure of the earth God created and how it connects with His purpose in redemption.

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Class Date:
October 28, 2012 //
62 min (14.2 MB) //

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Genesis 1:1-2 - And the Earth

Additional Notes

Spiritual principles:

  • The earth is not to be worshipped or to be untouchable, but was created by God for man's stewardship to use for the glory of God, to demonstrate His qualities, and to use for man's benefit.
  • From God's perspective, the earth is the center of the universe, as the focus of His creative activity.
  • The earth is the only object in the universe uniquely able to support life and living things.
  • The earth is the stage upon which God's grand script of redemption would be played out.
  • When God created the earth, He also created the very seeds of its destruction within it - first by flood, second by fire.
  • If God created earth with the seeds of its own destruction, could He have done the same thing with man, to demonstrate His glory?