Genesis 1:26, 28 - Let Them Rule


We study God's command to mankind to rule over creation.

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Class Date:
March 24, 2013 //
61 min (13.9 MB) //

Scripture References


Genesis 1:26, 28 - Let Them Rule

Additional Notes

Prayer verse: Psalm 14:1-3

Spiritual principles:

  • God never intended for Adam & Eve, nor any of mankind, to rule alone
  • God instead intended from eternity that Jesus Christ would be the ruler
  • God created His people to rule under Jesus Christ through His Spirit


So many questions after Sunday’s great lesson. But I’ll keep it to three. Are angels made in the image of God since they appear in human form too?

Ken said Eve didn’t “rule” over the creeping animal in the garden, but only after God cursed the serpent (to crawl on the ground with no legs) did it become a slithering snake. So what did the animal look like that tempted Eve? She didn’t seem surprised that the serpent was able to converse with her either. Not theologically important, but still interesting .

Ken said Adam and Eve were to rule over the animals but were doomed to fail because they didn’t have God’s spirit indwelling them. Likewise, we are in training to rule with Christ during the millennium. How awesome will it be to have God’s spirit indwelling us AND Jesus himself ruling on earth! Yet in God’s grand design, it needs to be played out that man will fall into sin, even in perfect conditions during Christ’s reign.

Is it right to think that those who start out in the millennium cannot fall away since they sealed by the Holy Spirit, but later generations who are born and were not redeemed in the old earth will rebel? How depressing to think that our future progeny could live in perfect conditions and yet reject God! Why does God have Satan defeated and locked away, then is seemingly obliged to let him loose again? Something to hang on a peg for when we understand God fully and don’t “see through a glass dimly.” Until then I’ll always wonder.