Genesis 1:29-30 - Food for Thought (or, "Chicken Soup for the Soul")


We study the spiritual teachings of the physical food in God's creation.

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April 21, 2013 //
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Scripture References


Genesis 1:29-30 - Food for Thought (or, "Chicken Soup for the Soul")

Additional Notes

Two first truths of the Bible:

  • Everything in the physical realm in the Bible is ultimately concerning the spiritual realm.
  • Everything written in the Old Testament was to teach us important spiritual principles in how to think correctly about God, ourselves and our relationship with Him.

Spiritual principles:

  • The expanding freedom of God's commands regarding food is a picture of the expanding nature of God's people - from a single family, to a single nation separated from Gentiles/non-believers, to the entirety of the church of Jesus Christ.
  • The variety of food is a picture of the variety of spiritual food for individual believers, with a limited diet in infancy to a broad diet in maturity.

Ask ourselves:

  • As often as we know we need physical food each day, how often do we go to God's Word for spiritual food?
  • Are we living on mature spiritual food, or are we still spiritual infants with only a superficial understanding of God and our relationship with Him and His people?
  • Just as there are consequences to living our lives eating physical junk food, there are with feeding on spiritual junk food as well - are we filling ourselves with it rather than mature spiritual food in focused study of God's Word?
  • Do we pray only for physical things, or is the desire of our hearts to feed on the Bread of heaven and His life blood, in Jesus Christ, which is given for the forgiveness of sins, and to grow in maturity eating solid spiritual food... or is our desire fixed on immature physical food and things?