Genesis 1:3 - And There Was Light


We study the reality of spiritual light as compared to the nature of physical light.

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Class Date:
December 2, 2012 //
55 min (12.7 MB) //

Scripture References


Genesis 1:3 - And There Was Light

Additional Notes

Prayer verse: Hebrews 11:3

Spiritual principles:

  • Is our walk in darkness, groping for the right path, or is it one that sees clearly through the light of God's Word how He wants us to take the next step?
  • Only the Bible shines real light into our lives because it shines into the heart.
  • How do we portray the light of God's Word to those around us - do we corrupt it with darkness?
  • God created spiritual light, the Word of God, which brings light and life to our spirit and soul, revealing God's glory in thinking and in action.
  • Do we view God's Word as a constant light and guide through life?