Genesis 1:4 - The Light Was Good


We study how God defines good and evil, in contrast to natural man's distorted definitions.

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Class Date:
December 9, 2012 //
68 min (15.5 MB) //

Scripture References


Genesis 1:4 - The Light Was Good

Additional Notes

Prayer verse: Isaiah 66:1-2

Spiritual principles:

  • God defines "good" and "evil," not man - good is that which fulfills His prescribed purpose, evil is that which does not.
  • God separated physical light from the darkness, and in the spiritual realm we are to do the same.
  • God has a prescribed, divinely-appointed purpose for our lives - are we fulfilling it?


If good means fulling God's prescribed purpose, why doesn't any act of creation on the second day get described with "good?"

Genesis 1:6-8

Then God said: Let there be a dome in the middle of the waters, to separate one body of water from the other. 7God made the dome,* and it separated the water below the dome from the water above the dome. And so it happened.d 8God called the dome “sky.” Evening came, and morning followed—the second day.


I hope someone has a "good" idea, because I don't know, at least right now.

Ken McElreath