Genesis 16:1-6 - The Fruits of Unbelief


We study the fruits of Abram and Sarai's act of unbelief.

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Class Date:
June 15, 2014 //
52 min (12 MB) //

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Additional Notes

Spiritual principles:

  • God is not only interested in the results, but the very method we use to get those results - through faith and patience with Him rather than the shortcut methods of this world.
  • God gives each of His people areas of strength and weakness - in our weakness, He wants us to develop the quality of crying out "Abba, Father" and waiting on the Lord rather than being impatient and taking things into our own hands.

Examples of waiting on the Lord to fulfill His promises:

  • Waiting to marry God's chosen spouse that meets His criteria rather than just someone we're attracted to
  • Waiting until marriage to be sexually intimate
  • Waiting on the Lord to change our spouse - and perhaps find that He changes us
  • Waiting on the Lord to reward and prosper our work
  • Waiting on the Lord in raising children to be godly
  • Waiting on the Lord to vindicate a wrong done to us
  • Waiting on the Lord to show treasure in His Word through diligent study