Genesis 19:1-29 - Values and Choices


We study the lessons to be learned from Lot's values and choices.

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Class Date:
August 3, 2014 //
52 min (11.9 MB) //

Scripture References


Genesis 19:1-29 - Values and Choices

Additional Notes

Spiritual principles:

  • God knows how to save His people and He will do it; God knows how to punish the ungoldy for wickedness and He will do it.
  • Are you like Abraham, looking forward to a new city built by God, or are you like Lot, looking to the fleeting pleasures of the world?
  • Have you ever thought about and written down the things you value most in life?  Have you asked your children what they value most?
  • Can you discern how your values influence your choices, or are there some inconsistencies?
  • What do you value most - a close friendship with God, or a close one with friends and the world?