Genesis 2:25 - Naked and Not Ashamed


We study the meaning of Adam and Eve being naked and not ashamed before God.

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Class Date:
August 4, 2013 //
52 min (11.9 MB) //

Scripture References


Genesis 2:25 - Naked and Not Ashamed

Additional Notes

Prayer verse: 2 Corinthians 5:7

Spiritual principles:

  • Without God's Spirit, Adam & Eve neither believed what God said nor were they capable of keeping even the simplest possible law.
  • Without the new birth of God's Spirit, we also are incapable of obedience to God's commands.  We can neither be declared righteous nor can we live righteously when operating in the flesh.
  • We must be consciously depending on Jesus Christ's atoning work and the new life of His Spirit within us as the basis of our righteousness.
  • God's law is neither a means for being declared righteous nor a means for living righteously.  Instead, the law exposes our nakedness and shame before God.
  • The good news is that God gives us eternal life, forgiveness and righteousness through faith in Jesus Christ.