Genesis 3:1-5 - The Shield of Faith


We study the effects of employing, or not employing, the shield of faith.

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Class Date:
September 7, 2013 //
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Genesis 3:1-5 - The Shield of Faith

Additional Notes

Prayer verse: Philippians 2:1-11

When we say "I think...":

  • It is not from God, therefore it is weak.
  • It is not certain, but only probable.
  • Our words are subject to the deception of our own minds and the lies of Satan.

When we say "I know..." (because God's Word says so):

  • It is living and powerful.
  • It is 100% certain.
  • It is not subject to self-deception or Satan's lies, even if he tries to use God's Word against us.

Spiritual principles:

  • Eve did not have faith in God's Word; therefore, her unbelief produced sin.
  • The same happens to not only individuals, but the church at large.
  • If the church is a minister to proclaim God's salvation to those who are perishing, as well as to believers, then the church must have uncompromising adherence to God's Word in everything.  
  • We and the church must not simply pay lip service in an outward form or only loosely approximate what the Bible says.
  • Doing so leads to a false security where we think we have a shielf from Satan, but where we are in reality naked.
  • Adam and Eve had no shield of faith, so were utterly defenseless against Satan's lies.  We have the shield of faith... do we use it?


Is this the last study of this series?

No, there was a lesson on Sept. 14th, 2013 (yet to be downloaded), no lesson on Sept. 21,2013 and next lesson is on Sept. 28th, 2013.