Genesis 3:14-15, 20, 4:1 - Life and Death


We apply the universal Biblical truths regarding life and death to the documented results of the fall.

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Class Date:
September 28, 2013 //
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Scripture References

Additional Notes

Spiritual principles:

  • What seemed like death was actually the beginning of life for Adam & Eve.
  • God's plan for Adam & Eve was that they should die and pass through death to life.


Kindly upload the universal Bible truths.

Ife' -

Neither Lonnie nor I were in attendance, so do not have notes from the white-board for this week. However, I do believe the list is the same as that provided for review during the beginning of next week's lesson, which Lonnie did provide to me as white-board notes (the figure attached to that lesson). The scripture listed as the universal truths in that figure are John 14:6, John 12:24 and John 11:25-26.

--Jeff Wessel

i appreciate it.