Genesis 3:22-4:9 - "The Way" - of Faith


We study the offerings of Cain and Abel to God.

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Class Date:
October 19, 2013 //
68 min (15.6 MB) //

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Genesis 3:22-4:9 - "The Way" - of Faith

Additional Notes

Spiritual principles:

  • God provided a way to connect with Him on the basis of His own righteousness, and not on the basis of our own works.
  • God will accept an offering on the basis of faith - believing what God has said and acting upon it.
  • The world, Satan's seed, will not hate us for believing in Jesus Christ, but for trying to live out that faith.
  • If we make our faith the most important thing in our life, it will speak to future generations after our deaths.
  • God brings and accepts full responsibility for the curse, so by bringing us through trials and sufferings by the Holy Spirit, He will get the glory and not man.