Genesis 3:7-13 - Where Are You?


We study Adam & Eve's reactions to God addressing their sin.

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Class Date:
September 14, 2013 //
62 min (14.3 MB) //

Scripture References

Additional Notes

Eve's deception was in three steps:

  • Taking what God has said and making a small tweak to it (Genesis 3:3).
  • Considering what others said about God's Word (Genesis 3:4-5).
  • Listening to her own natural desires and values (Genesis 3:6).

Adam & Eve's natural response to being caught in sin, in order to avoid personal responsibility for their actions:

  • Hiding.
  • Excusing themselves.
  • Blaming someone else.

Steps followed for restoration to righteousness:

  • God sought them out, not vice versa.
  • They had to go through a process forcing them to admit their sin and deal with it.
  • God offers forgiveness, providing a refuge to save them.