Genesis 4:4-26 - Two Families


We compare the two families started in Genesis: the family of Satan and the family of God.

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November 2, 2013 //
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Genesis 4:4-26 - Two Families

Additional Notes

Characteristics of Satan's family:

  • unbelief
  • not accepted by God
  • no desire for righteousness
  • under God's wrath and in bondage to increasing sin
  • hate God's people

Characteristics of God's family:

  • belief in what God has said
  • accepted by God as righteous
  • being freed from the clutches of sin
  • call upon God's name in prayer
  • saved by faith from the wrath of God

Spiritual principles:

  • By nature, our natural person belongs to Satan's family.
  • But God calls a people to Himself through the Gospel, and by giving them faith, He adopts them into His family.