Genesis 4:8-16 - Satan's "Natural" Family


We study the position of those in Satan's family before God.

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Class Date:
November 10, 2013 //
72 min (16.5 MB) //

Scripture References


Genesis 4:8-16 - Satan's "Natural" Family

Additional Notes

Prayer verse: Psalm 111

Spiritual principles:

  • Why didn't God simply destroy Cain?  Because God is demonstrating something by letting the wicked live: His glory (longsuffering and mercy toward those being saved; justice toward unbelievers).
  • Did God drive Cain away from His presence or did Cain go away; is unbelief due to God or man?  Man, by nature, suppresses the truth in his unbelief.
  • What is God's disposition toward the wicked?  He is angry with them.
  • Why does unbelief always result in bondage to sin?  Because God gives them over to that bondage.
  • Why does God prosper the wicked?  To teach His people to walk by faith and not by sight.
  • God wants to demonstrate all the attributes of His glory, and both God's redeemed people and the wicked serve His purpose.