Genesis 5:1-27 - Enoch


We study what it means by Enoch having walked with God.

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Class Date:
November 24, 2013 //
71 min (16.2 MB) //

Scripture References


Genesis 5:1-27 - Enoch
Genesis 5:1-27 - Enoch
Genesis 5:1-27 - Enoch

Additional Notes

Prayer verse: Hebrews 11:1-6

Spiritual principles:

  • Enoch pleased God through his faith, walking with Him in agreement, by faith, humbly, wisely and with understanding of God's will, specifically of God's impending judgment upon the death of his son, Methuselah.
  • God is looking for us to walk by faith as Enoch did.
  • We should understand who we are, confessing our sinful thoughts and actions to God daily and asking Him to make us who He wants us to be by His Spirit and to make us messengers to our generation as Enoch was to his.
  • When we read something in God's Word, do we agree with what it says about us, about Him and about the world around us?
  • Are we willing to walk by faith, taking God's Word and acting on it whether or not we see the results?
  • Are we willing to walk humbly with God, not thinking too much of ourselves or acting on our own, but relying always on Him?
  • Are we able to walk wisely, taking God's Word and interpreting everything that happens in the world around us through its lens?
  • Do we understand what God's will is for us or do we find ourselves always questioning Him for it?