Haggai 2 - The Temple - Part 2 - Its Historical Purpose and Fulfillment


We continue studying the temple of the living God, focusing on its historical purpose and fulfillment.

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Class Date:
June 21, 2009 //
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Scripture References

Additional Notes

Temple => place where God's presence is manifested in His glory

Four "true" temples:

  • creation
  • the man Jesus Christ
  • individual believer
  • consummated, corporate body of believers

Five physical temples:

  • tabernacle in the wilderness
  • Solomon's temple in Jerusalem
  • Zerubbabel's temple (in Haggai)
  • Herod's temple
  • tribulation temple

Shadows of the "true" spiritual reality:

  • temple of the wilderness => Jesus Christ among His people, in humble, man-form
  • Solomon's temple => Jesus Christ, in consummated glory
  • Zerubbabel's temple => corporate body of Jesus Christ being built by the Spirit
  • Herod's temple => "Old Covenant" Judaism - Law, not Spirit
  • tribulation temple => false temple, not the reality

Spiritual principles:

  • The temple/tabernacle was a physical witness that God had entered into His creation as a presence where His invisible attributes (His glory) could be manifested
  • The physical temple was a dramatic portrayal of the redemptive plan of God being played out in history
  • The spiritual reality of God's presence in creation has no point of reference in the physical shadow of the temple, other than being a teaching tool